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Senin, 23 April 2018

Baltle of the bugles [GAME]

Updated: 15-04-2018
Censorship: None
Version: 0.3.1
OS: Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Ren’py, Animated, Male Protagonist, Huge Tits, Massive Cock, Broad Muscles, Incest, Handjob, Titjob, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Dirty Talk, FootJob, Anal Sex
Dev note V0.3.1 
* fixed bugs from day03
* Frieda sex scene is finished
* fixed Katsumi’s movie file
* mermaid can be seen without Halle
* Can go back to the Principal’s office after taking pictures at the Sports Hall
Dev Note V0.3:
V0.3 takes you to the end of the third day of the game. Over 25 separate scenes, 400+ new renders and 10+ animations worth. The final 4 new “in-game” girls, 5 new “non in-game” girls and 3 new male characters to meet.
New locations at school include: school rooftop, school bathroom, swimming pool. In the Burbs: Tanya’s house, Teagan’s house, campfire. At the beach: coral reef, lifeguard tower. Downtown: Audacious HQ, gym.
* NEW: 2 voice actresses have kindly agreed to lend their lovely voices to some characters in the game. Please check the added credits page to find out more about them!
* 5 “in-game” and 2 “non in-game” girls (including a mermaid…) can potentially be fucked. One sex scene is so unlikely (because it depends on José’s progress) that I didn’t finish it. Other raunchy situations abound (footjob, blowjob, handjob).
* fixed Katsumi’s movie so the MC’s cock doesn’t appear to stick out of her body.
* fixed remained bugs from day02, including being able to visit aunt Debby after 8pm or talking repeatedly to Kate at lunch.
* José cannot gain lust points for Daniella, Doris, Pamela and Viviane on day02 anymore.
* One lust point can be gained for Chantelle at lunch on day02 to balance out sitting with classmates
NB: You cannot do everything that’s included in day03 in any one playthrough. Some scenes also depend on what was done during day02. So be ready to replay the game and make different saves at the end of day01 and day02 to see everything!
it has a couple of extra pics plus 24 new character sheets, as well as fixes for all remaining bug
V0.2 takes you to the end of the second day of the game. Over 30 separate scenes, 300+ renders and several animations worth. 14 new “in-game” girls, 6 new “non in-game” girls and 6 new male characters to meet.
New locations include the school (classroom, corridors, library, gym, principal’s office, nurse’s office, school backyard, cafeteria), downtown (plaza, clothing boutique, massage parlour, police station), the Burbs (bus stop, local beach, convenience store, aunt’s house). Added inventory and phone systems (for when the challenger lets you know he fucked someone). 2 “in-game” girls can potentially be fucked. Other raunchy situations abound (footjob, handjob, fingering, voyeurism…)
– Initial Release



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